Anyone that is enamored by a sport and loves to travel is probably one competitive ball of energy. Imagine linking the two and finding an excuse to travel by following sporting events. There is always a bucket list of places to see and things to do abroad before you die, but what about the [...] We’ve already fiddled with ViewSonic’s two new tablets at Computex’s pre-show event, but we decided to hit the booth earlier today to get a closer look at the ViewPad 10Pro’s BlueStacks Android virtualization on Windows 7, as well as the ViewPad 7x’s funky UI. Starting off with the bigger slate, you’ll see in the [...] It looks like Snooki is okay. Physically, that is. The day after this Jersey Store star slammed her car into an Italian police cruiser (losing her license in that nation), the often-drunk guidette was back on the streets of Italy, filming season four and milking the injury for all it’s worth. Until the video [...] This week we’re showing love to the latest games from some of our favorite designers. These are creators from whom we’ve come to expect the best — and this week’s picks certainly live up to our expectations. Self-professed “dot matrix dominatrix” Anna Anthropy (a.k.a. Auntie Pixelante) has consistently wowed us in the past. Her [...] over 4,000 miles away, Snooki still manages to get in trouble with the law. The “Jersey Shore” cast member, whose real name is Nicole Polizzi, was taken into custody in Florence today after crashing into a police car, reports. The pint-sized reality star, who is in Italy filming the fourth season of the [...] has confirmed maybe the worst kept secret in Silicon Valley: It’s been working on a cloud service, and will announce it at the June 6 Worldwide Developers Conference. So now we know annual developer’s conference will unveil “iCloud®, Apple?s upcoming cloud services offering,” but we don’t know yet what it is, or what exactly [...] will his on-screen wife follow suit? TBD. Those who have stuck with Grey’s Anatomy the last seven years have grown fond of Patrick Dempsey, but will soon have to learn to do without him. In his recent interview with Italian Vanity Fair, McDreamy confirms that the upcoming 8th season of Grey’s will be his [...] Boresha International Boresha Coffee is pretty much the go-to site for quickly figuring out how fast (or slow) your connection really is and comparing the numbers your ISP boasts with what it actually delivers. And now it’s got a new coat of paint and a couple of neat features. In brief: New UI: The map widget is [...]

Chopped Liver Part One

May 31st, 2011 Fighter Cutlery has a twelve minute promo called Chopped Liver Part One. Boresha Business Boresha Boresha International argmatrix