O’reilly make some of the best computer books in the world. They also sell them as DRM-free e-books in a bunch of formats, including PDFs and Mobi for Kindle. They usually offer one “Deal of the Day”, which is a 50% discount code for a book chosen for that one day. But just for [...] part of the new Google+ service came Huddle, a group texting app available to Android users. This makes mobile group collaboration easier, says Google. So far so good. Except… There’s already a five-year-old group collaboration startup called Huddle, which has to date raised $14.2m in venture capital and has office in San Francisco and [...] the age of online gaming with strangers, anonymous internet commenting, and fake Twitter accounts, it can be easy for someone to hide behind a keyboard when ripping on others. With the help of Jareb Dauplaise from “The Hard Times of R.J. Berger,” Urijah Faber has an answer for that. (Warning, lots of foul language [...] chocolate raspberry latte chocolate raspberry latte chocolate raspberry latte chocolate raspberry latte chocolate raspberry latte Later today, Firefox will undergo its biggest developmental upheaval ever. Mozilla-central, the source of nightly builds, will be renumbered to version 5 — and at long last, after years of wallowing around version 1, Mozilla’s rendering and layout engine, Gecko, will also have its version number updated to match Firefox. Shortly thereafter, Firefox’s new [...]

Seed Capital Thoughts

June 30th, 2011 capital, where does the term come from? I could not find that answer, however I know the term has been encircling for many years. The term seed capital is widely used today by many venture capital firms when it … Continue reading → argmatrix Scale models of manmade wonders are usually the stuff of gimmicky travel souvenirs, but could you resist a faithful replica that was a topographic clone of our closest celestial body? We didn’t think so. Dedicated to the super moon that brought his catastrophe-stricken nation comfort, Japanese designer Nosigner culled imagery taken by the lunar [...] Lady Gaga’s Leading Men Related Artists Lady Gaga Boresha Bcreamy Bcreamy Release Time:  For Immediate Release Location:  James S. Brady Press Briefing Room 12:30 P.M. EDT         MR. CARNEY:  Before I get started I just wanted to say that today, as you know, I believe, the White House announced through its official Twitter account, @whitehouse, that it will host its first ever Twitter town hall [...] you have teenagers, and you just palm them money when they demand it, you are doing them a huge disservice. This is the prime age in lifetime for them to learn about financial independence and how to capture attention of themselves when they are on their own. Teens should have their own money, however [...]