First Lady Michelle Obama bragged on Monday that 10-year-old children were making phone calls for the Obama campaign.  Michelle Obama said in Iowa that many young voters have told her their “parents and grandparents were not going to vote for Barack in 2008 until I talked to them and I told them what this election means [...] Most of us who remember Myst are content to relive the halcyon days of click-and-watch puzzle games by loading up the iPhone port. Mike Ando is slightly more… dedicated. He just spent the past six years building a replica of the Cyan game’s signature, Age-traveling link books that includes a full Windows XP PC [...] Yesterday, as the front-edge of Hurricane Sandy started bearing down on New York and newscasters were talking about, “Idiot surfers risking their lives,” I was one of those idiots. Sorry. I had a camera to test. More » argbonematrix Boresha ARG Bone Matrix ARG bone Matrix

Campaign Restarts Tomorrow

October 31st, 2012 Beginning tomorrow, Mitt Romney will head to Florida to continue with his presidential campaign; President Obama, meanwhile, is playing president in Washington, D.C. – which is to say, he’s campaigning via photo ops from the White House. The Obama campaign has not stopped sending out fundraising emails, and as even The Hill pointed out, [...] is likely to make numerous pricey investments throughout their lives; however, there is no investment that is quite as important or expensive as the house you decide to build. As such, it’s only smart to take some time when making decisions related to house construction, and one of the most important issues you must [...] the soul of a firm lies in team spirit and also assistance, then the soul of a corporation lies in its staff. The human resource section, nevertheless small it may be, indicates one of the most powerful parts of a company. It is vital to have a clear understanding and also a good plan [...] Portrait Machine is extremely useful to the craft lovers. The machine has the ability to ease the process of craft making. But have you ever wondered the extensive range of design possibilities with the Silhouette Cameo Machine. Can you imagine decorating a cake with the help of this innovative craft cutter? The answer to [...] Bone Matrix argbonematrix Boresha ARG Bone Matrix

LG Electronics joins Linaro

October 30th, 2012 this isn't directly Android related, it's important to support and develop open-source software on ARM devices, and this is great news. LG Electronics is joining other corporate giants like IBM, Samsung, and Texas Instruments as a member of the Linaro group. While many an Android hacker or nerd recognizes the Linaro name when coupled [...] Numerically, going from version 3.2 of an app to 4.0 makes much more sense than starting at 1.7. But, Pandora won’t let a little thing like logic stand in its way. Today both the iOS and Android editions of the internet radio app are being updated to 4.0, regardless of the latter’s lagging version [...]