While we’ve still yet to see anything truly Earth-shattering, the tandem of Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott continues to churn out insight about interesting new features they’ve discovered in Windows 8 milestone 3. The latest discovery is that Aero in Windows 8 will be able to automatically adapt itself to match your current wallpaper [...] Drying bras is more complicated than you think. Pop them in the dryer and ruin the delicate pieces. Hang them on a line and you’ll have to wait for hours. Luckily, one man has found the solution to our intimate first world problem with Ricasol, a bra dryer that solves your undergarment woes Using [...]

The Death of the Family

March 31st, 2013 marriage? It came up at dinner Down Under this time last year, and the prominent Aussie politician on my right said matter-of-factly, “It’s not about expanding marriage, it’s about destroying marriage.” That would be the most obvious explanation as to why the same societal groups who assured us in the Seventies that marriage was [...] Bone Matrix argbonematrix Boresha ARG Bone Matrix Here’s a fun little cooking trick for you to try: scramble eggs inside its shell so that you can make scrambled hard boiled eggs. Meaning the entire egg will be perfectly golden all around. Delicious! More » argbonematrix Boresha ARG Bone Matrix ARG bone Matrix Boresha Bone Matrix Director Jonathan Mannion tells MTV News his creative process behind the Carnival-themed clip. By Rob Markman, with reporting by James Lacsina Trinidad James in his video for “Females Welcomed” Photo: Def Jam Boresha Bone Matrix argbonematrix Boresha ARG Bone Matrix

The Truth about Bob Woodward

March 30th, 2013, inexorably, the great Watergate fraud is unraveling. The Knights of Revelation, 40 years onward, are being exposed, in the light of analysis unclouded by cant and emotionalism, as the myth-makers they always were. Bob Woodward, unable to resist the temptation to try again and again to be at the forefront of investigative journalism, is [...] With Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell clad in red in the Louisville section and his almost opponent Ashley Judd apparently cheering somewhere, the Cardinals became the third Big East team to lead by double digits for most of the game and make the Elite 8. The eliminated the last Pac12 team, Oregon, but not until [...] Red tourmate relives harrowing tale from when Swift was almost skewered by a prop. By Cory Midgarden, with reporting by Christina Garibaldi Ed Sheeran Photo: MTV News argbonematrix Boresha ARG Bone Matrix ARG bone Matrix Boresha Bone Matrix Boresha ARG Bone Matrix ARG bone Matrix