Ad hoc 5: Man of Steel

June 30th, 2013 Ad hoc is our media and miscellaneous podcast where we get a bunch of tech geeks together, put them in front of mics, hit record, and then chat with them about movies, TV shows, video games, comics and books, and other popular, nerdy things. In this episode, Guy English, Georgia, Dave Wiskus, and Rene [...] The fashion industry immediately embraced Vine, Twitter’s 6-second video app, after it launched in February. It was no surprise Vine was suddenly so popular: The app was released just two weeks before New York Fashion Week kicked off, a time when behind-the-scenes runway shots were readily available to capture and share in 6-second loops. [...] bone Matrix Boresha Bone Matrix argbonematrix Boresha ARG Bone Matrix The developer of iCab Mobile, a feature-rich alternative to the Safari Web browser on iPad and iPhone, has been ordered by Apple to remove its ability to download and install JavaScript modules. Presumably it’s not the fact that iCab can execute JavaScript that’s causing Apple to apoplectically puff and splutter, but rather its ability [...] A while back, we told you about AVG’s new LiveKive service, a new cloud synchronization and backup tool which appears to have been named after a vat in which mash is made during the brewing process. But enough about AVG’s odd choice of monikers — LiveKive has launched and is now ready to accept [...] The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has finally signed a deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co to make its guts for future iPhones and iPads. Specifically, TSMC will start mass-producing 20 nanometer chips for Apple in 2014, paving way for longer battery life in Samsung-less iPhones and iPads. The Apple pact with [...] Big-screen adaptation of the best-selling novel will hit theatres August 1. By Christina Garibaldi “Fifty Shades of Grey” Photo: Vintage Pau Gasol Paul Pierce Jimmie Johnson Arjen Robben Kelly Slater few hours after Margaret Thatcher’s death on Monday, the snarling deadbeats of the British underclass were gleefully rampaging through the streets of Brixton in South London, scaling the marquee of the local fleapit and hanging a banner announcing, “THE BITCH IS DEAD.” Amazingly, they managed to spell all four words correctly. By Friday, “Ding [...] Kelly Slater Didier Drogba Albert Pujols Ladanian Tomlinson Novak Djokovic T-600 is neither your average puppet nor your average backpack, but this quick little clip from Stan Winston Schools shows that he’s pretty impressive for both. Who said puppets had to be cute? [Stan Winston School] argbonematrix Boresha ARG Bone Matrix ARG bone Matrix Boresha Bone Matrix