As I argued yesterday, the unanimous state court ruling in New York blocking Mayor Mike Bloomberg's ban on fountain soda cups larger than 16 ounces in capacity would be portrayed in the liberal media as a setback to a well-meaning public health effort and a boon to big business. True to form, taxpayer-subsidized NPR [...] When Amazon Appstore for Android launched last week, one of its primary features — Test Drive — was disabled just a few minutes after it opened. With no try-before-you-buy, no refund process, and 1-Click purchasing ready to strike at any moment, this caused some problems. Anyway, don’t despair: Test Drive is now enabled. Before [...] elected officials should never raise taxes. Never. Ever. Keep reading this post . . . Boresha ARG Bone Matrix ARG bone Matrix Boresha Bone Matrix argbonematrix ‘I think it’s smart, honestly,’ she told MTV News of her removed scenes. By Todd Gilchrist, with reporting by Josh Horowitz Rush Limbaugh Ryan Seacrest Scarlett Johansson Sean (Diddy) Combs Serena Williams, Va. — Ken Cuccinelli couldn’t watch the video clip of President Obama going 2 for 22 in shooting free throws. As a basketball fan, he says, he found it too painful. “I sort of felt for him,” Cuccinelli recalls. “There are just some things about being president that are difficult.” “I don’t care whether [...] Earlier this month, the US government was put in the hot seat with regards to the Justice Department’s 2008 battle with Yahoo over its request for user data. Yahoo fought the PRISM demand and ultimately lost; five years later, we’re finally going to be able to see the court decision that’s been kept under [...] Now that Windows 8 images have begun leaking out, it’s only a matter of time until developers start releasing mods for Windows 7 which mimic upcoming features. Over at Into Windows, they’ve spotted one such mod already. In the earliest Windows 8 images, we saw Windows Live integration on the taskbar. In the far [...] Scheduled job power conditions, data exclusion for media storage, and bugfixes also added When Android 4.3 was released, those who root their phones updated and quickly rooted with the only Superuser app that was working at the time. The next thing many of those same people probably did was try to restore their apps using [...] Not content with limiting its dominance in streaming uploaded videos, YouTube is now ready to take on competitors like Justin.TV and Ustream. The new YouTube Live service is being rolled out to select YouTube partners and will enable real-time broadcasting. In its official announcement, Google states that “The goal is to provide thousands of [...] VH1 premieres trailer for ‘CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story,’ while the band announce plans for an album. By Nadeska Alexis Boresha Bone Matrix argbonematrix Boresha ARG Bone Matrix ARG bone Matrix