Later today, Firefox will undergo its biggest developmental upheaval ever. Mozilla-central, the source of nightly builds, will be renumbered to version 5 — and at long last, after years of wallowing around version 1, Mozilla’s rendering and layout engine, Gecko, will also have its version number updated to match Firefox. Shortly thereafter, Firefox’s new [...] It’s Saturday again, and that can only mean one thing. The iMore editorial team has come together once more to share with you some of their favorite apps. We’ve got a spread of categories covered once again, so without further ado lets jump in and take a look! Flint – Ally Kazmucha We use [...] Witherspoon Regis Philbin Renee Zellweger Rick Warren Rod Stewart expected that, but Valve’s most exciting announcement of the week might be a game controller. The Steam controller is a futuristic touch-enabled gamepad with a small screen sitting right between your two thumbs. The company promises that the controller will work with any game as it is a very malleable device. Valve has taken [...] The full soundtrack for ‘Catching Fire’ has been revealed. By Brenna Ehrlich Boresha Bone Matrix argbonematrix Boresha ARG Bone Matrix

Using the Moto X on Sprint

September 30th, 2013 Can your choice of carrier hamper an otherwise great phone experience? It has been almost two months since the Moto X was introduced to the world as Motorola's refreshed philosophy on the smart phone. AT&T was the first US carrier to have the phone on sale, and although Sprint lagged behind by a few weeks [...] Though we haven’t received any ChatOn messages ourselves lately, Samsung says that its messaging service has caught on with some. In fact, it’s just chalked up a “global subscriber base” of 100 million folks in around two years, thanks to its availability on diverse platforms like iOS, Android, Bada, the web and Windows Phone. [...]’s been plenty of buzz about iBeacons and Bluetooth Low Energy radios — they’re supposed to do wonders for in-venue positioning, and plenty of companies have already expressed interest in deploying them in the field. But what is it like to actually stroll through a beacon-laden area? Curiously enough, Major League Baseball took on that [...] Despite presenting a nuanced look at the rise of WikiLeaks, The Fifth Estate movie suffers from a heavy-handed script that lacks subtlety and emotional heft. Based largely on the tell-all books — Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World’s Most Dangerous Website by former spokesman Daniel Domscheit-Berg, and WikiLeaks: Inside Julian [...] bone Matrix Boresha Bone Matrix argbonematrix