Kardashian is opening up about her post-baby weight loss in a new interview. The newly engaged mother reveals that she has lost 43 pounds since giving birth even as she talks about her past and current struggles. This time, Kim Kardashian spoke with “People” magazine in an exclusive interview right after her 33rd birthday [...] Michael Schumacher David Villa Steven Gerrard Zlatan Ibrahimovic Google Voice Search has just introduced localizations for Latin America, Indonesia and Malaysia, enabling native language search for hundreds of millions of users. Google’s official blog post offers some interesting insights into the process of collecting and analyzing the speech data needed to expand support. Thousands of hours were spent gathering voice samples and [...] Bey revealed the track in a trailer for her ‘Life Is But A Dream’ documentary. By Brenna Ehrlich Boresha ARG Bone Matrix ARG bone Matrix Boresha Bone Matrix Troy Polamalu Phil Mickelson Jenson Button Pau Gasol Paul Pierce Besides facing a "credibility death spiral" on the issue of ObamaCare, as political director John Dickerson recently put it, Sharyl Attkisson pointed out on Tuesday's CBS Evening News that the very structure of the so-called reform could encounter a separate "death spiral" due to the "enrollment fiasco" surrounding Attkisson cited unnamed health care [...] Microsoft’s Business Unit, the Mac software arm of the Redmond-based software giant, is set to release its first Service Pack for Office 2011 for Mac. Just like most updates of this nature, SP1 will address a myriad of bugs, and roll in most of the hotfixes that came before it into one, easy to [...] It’s official, folks! CyanogenMod 7 is now deemed stable enough to be called, well, stable. The ROM is available now for your flashing pleasure on over 30 devices — including some tablets. Don’t worry, it doesn’t disappoint; I’ve been using it through the development process for months and it’s well worth the wait. If [...] There isn’t exactly a huge market for Google Glass accessories when there are several thousand wearers, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right? Accordingly, Google has begun selling peripherals to Explorer Edition owners. Only one item, a $75 clear visor for the Glass redesign, is in stock; an … argbonematrix Boresha ARG Bone Matrix [...] Just recently, the Opera 11.10 release candidate was made available for download. It brought a handful of important feature additions — like HTML5 File API support and IMAP enhancements — and loads of bugfixes. Nestled in amongst the other details in the Opera team’s announcement is one more interesting tidbit: Opera 11.10 offers improved [...]