Mozilla Firefox users who try to go to popular dating service OKCupid are currently being shown the above message, encouraging them not to use Firefox. The reason? Firefox’s new CEO Brendan Eich opposes gay marriage. That’s how you play hardball. Read more… ARG bone Matrix Boresha Bone Matrix argbonematrix

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March 31st, 2014 David Beckham David Letterman Denzel Washington Derek Jeter Diane Sawyer Competition is a good thing, and the browser arena has been a fierce arena for years now. There are at least four “major” browsers each vying for your attention, along with lots of smaller spin-offs (SRWare Iron or Flock, anyone?). While the browser usage charts we share from time to time show overall browser [...] Bone Matrix argbonematrix Just recently, the Opera 11.10 release candidate was made available for download. It brought a handful of important feature additions — like HTML5 File API support and IMAP enhancements — and loads of bugfixes. Nestled in amongst the other details in the Opera team’s announcement is one more interesting tidbit: Opera 11.10 offers improved [...] The Galaxy S5: powerhouse smartphone, fitness guru… baby monitor? Yes, you read that right. SoyaCincau has learned that Samsung’s jack-of-all-trades Android flagship includes a “baby crying detector” mode that uses the phone as a listening station…. ARG bone Matrix Boresha Bone Matrix argbonematrix is a bookmarklet that can send any Web page you’re viewing to your Kindle. Kindlebility will format the websites so that viewing them on the Kindle isn’t a pain. Once you’ve set it up (more on that in a moment), Kindlebility only requires one click to use — and the pages arrive on your [...] When Facebook scrapped the picture-heavy News Feed redesign from last spring in favor of a more conservative look, it briefly touched on screen size as a factor. As it turns out, displays played a more important role in the reversal than you might… Boresha Bone Matrix argbonematrix Later today, Firefox will undergo its biggest developmental upheaval ever. Mozilla-central, the source of nightly builds, will be renumbered to version 5 — and at long last, after years of wallowing around version 1, Mozilla’s rendering and layout engine, Gecko, will also have its version number updated to match Firefox. Shortly thereafter, Firefox’s new [...] Admit it: there’s someone you dislike who you follow on Instagram not in spite of your disdain, but because of it. Who is it? Spill. This is a safe space. Read more… Boresha ARG Bone Matrix ARG bone Matrix Boresha Bone Matrix