Archive for the ‘Food & Drink’ category am not a big fan of sweet or semi-sweet reds but once in a while I’ll break down and try one. Today’s offering comes from the Lake Neusiedl region near the Hungarian border about 33 miles (50 kilometers) east of Vienna. Hafner is the first major producer of Austrian ice wine. Th e Blaufrankish [...] New Year is always full of misery, sadness and despair; the holidays are over and far too much money has been spent…what else is there to look forward to? Well, in our opinion, now that 2013 has begun, there is indeed quite a lot to look forward to, most prominently the summer! With the [...] you are organizing a meeting of friends and family or if you find yourself hosting your corporate catering event, offering catered food and beverage service during the course of the night is normally the host’s obligation. If you would like to thoroughly plan your event, finding a skilled catering organization will make it easier [...] are various aspects that will most likely influence the price of your own domestic water boiler. To be more specific, these are the reasons for which this appliance has its current price, regardless of the time of acquisition. We will be going through the list of cost influencing factors, whilst also trying to examine [...]

It’s Wine Time!

December 23rd, 2012 you a good reason to celebrate? Or do you simply fancy a cool, refreshing glass of wine after a tough day in the office? Then why not take a look at some of the best wines on the market; ranging from a dry and fruitful pinot grigio to deep and scrumptious merlot. There is [...]

Help with Gift Baskets

December 19th, 2012 gift basket is an excellent alternative when you aren’t clear on what things to purchase. They could be customized and put together to accommodate the person receiving them. Plumgifts can assist you build a fantastic present that’ll be cherished for a long time. Baskets, or hampers, are completely functional. The presentation is often the [...] is our second week running of Pinot Noir. The Red Truck winery is located in the famous Sonoma, California. One may assume that today’s wine is not a Sonoma offering or the producer would have let us know. They have been in business since 2002 and have almost 600 wine partners. They also do [...] leads us to believe that tea was discovered my accident in the year 2737bc when some leaves from a tea bush fell into a cup of boiling hot water Emperor Shen Nung was drinking from. Since then it has now become one of the most popular drinks around the world, with its health benefits [...]