Posts tagged ‘weight-loss’ seems that many people want to do the cliché, burn the fat – not muscle, and it is a worthwhile pursuit for many reasons. However bodybuilders aren’t the only people we are talking about though. Lowering their body fat is certainly something that many non-weightlifters who actually participate in workouts of some sort want [...] days, the concept of Green Tea Extract Weight Loss is bringing in an increased interest and attention of the media all-around. There are a few medicinal benefits that is associated with green tea as well. You are fortunate enough to have weight loss organic merchandise as green tea health supplements. Moreover, the green tea [...] average 25% of people within the UK try to fight unhealthy lifestyles with various diets and no matter how much they try it is common to see people fall short of their targets. A theory behind dieting failures lies with a fact that no matter how much organic and healthy food you or someone [...] (c) 2012 Scott McKinney, MS What is the most effective fitness regimen when it comes to decreasing fat mass while maintaining a healthy weight? If you answered, the shake weight, Hawaii chair, or some two-second-once-per-year-abs workout I encourage you to continue to the end of this column. The answer to this question is a [...]